Antique Dolls

19th and early 20th century dolls including bisque, china, cloth and some other early dolls of poured wax, papier mache, wood and earthenware. Many of the antique dolls come with fine outfits and occasionally accessories.

Rare all original Bisque Bebe by Jumeau with Lever Eyes in Store Box WhenDreamsComeTrue $3,780.00
Extraordinary French Large Doll or Childs Corset / France 1900th. WhenDreamsComeTrue $450.00
~~~ Superb Two Piece French Bebe Costume with matching Silk Bonnet ~~~ WhenDreamsComeTrue $895.00
African Tall Mossi Doll L'Enfant Gallery $500.00
African Short Mossi Doll L'Enfant Gallery $125.00
Rare all original Early French Porcelain Poupee by Blampoix / 1858 WhenDreamsComeTrue $4,980.00
Rare French Poupee Leather Purse with gold Print / 1860/65 WhenDreamsComeTrue $600.00
~~~ Rare Antique French Poupee Lingerie Ensemble in Presentation ~~~ WhenDreamsComeTrue $520.00
Japanese Art Hakata Doll by Sekeo Artist Fukuoka Doll Sensu Dancer Japanasia Collectibles and Contemporary $315.00
Plain and simple rag doll in a forever dress 21" C.1890 Country and Shaker Antiques $535.00
Very folky black doll with curtain ring eyes and a squared off head Country and Shaker Antiques $525.00
A most unusual black doll with a great face and hair 22" Country and Shaker Antiques $1,275.00
A pair of stockinette black doll sisters 17" &18" Country and Shaker Antiques $1,450.00
Outstanding all Original French Bisque Poupee in her Gorgeous Clothing WhenDreamsComeTrue $6,450.00
~~~ Rare French Poupee Silk Apron / France around 1865th. ~~~ WhenDreamsComeTrue $195.00
Rare Huret era Netting Shoulder Collar .... France 1858 WhenDreamsComeTrue $390.00
Rare Tiny French Poupee Handkerchief for Huret , Rohmer / 1860 in Box WhenDreamsComeTrue $190.00
Exquisite Enfantine Costume for Huret era Poupee by Mlle. Bereux WhenDreamsComeTrue $1,190.00