White Metal Locket with Paperclip Chain Period Pieces $99.00
Plustinn Norway Designs Pewter Norse Viking Pendant Necklace Eker Silverman's Selected Antiques $95.00
Ornate Victorian Pin Period Pieces $45.00
Victorian Gold Metal Mesh Belt and Gold Enamel belt Buckle Orwellianantiques $600.00
Art Smith Modernist Copper Brooch Auerbach and Maffia $1,650.00
Peggy Miller Stylized Owl & Fish Hand Made Pins Both or Your Choice Silverman's Selected Antiques $275.00
Antique Closed Back Riviere Paste Choker Tresors de Belles $250.00
Romantic Dolphins and Hearts Bracelet Period Pieces $45.00
Egyptian Revival Winged Pharaoh Brooch Period Pieces $175.00
Delicate Art Nouveau Necklace Period Pieces $119.00
Etruscan Revival Locket Period Pieces $74.00
Vintage Modernist Hand Wrought Necklace LILLO Israel Leaves Neck Ring Silverman's Selected Antiques $140.00
Vintage Hand Wrought Hammered Copper Necklace Intricate Modernist Silverman's Selected Antiques $195.00
Vintage Albert Kahlbrandt Arts & Crafts Hammered Cufflinks Handarbeit Silverman's Selected Antiques $195.00
Vintage Modernist Man in the Moon Hand Made Copper Brooch Whimsical Silverman's Selected Antiques $125.00
Fine Large Victorian Scottish Agate Specimen Brooch Circa 1850-80 Cliff Nunn - Antiques $65.00
Brutalist Necklace Auerbach and Maffia $595.00
Carence Crafters Large Arts and Crafts Acid Etched Brooch Signed Silverman's Selected Antiques $285.00