INSTONE (Attr.) Blue Swiss Lapis & Sterling Ring Period Pieces $349.00
Arts & Crafts/Art Nouveau Purple Stone Pin Period Pieces $169.00
Antique Blue Polychrome Enamel Pendant Period Pieces $315.00
HERMANN & SPECK - Enamel Amethyst Pendant Period Pieces $499.00
Pearl & Enamel Bracelet by SCHAVERIEN & EASTMEAD 1909 Period Pieces $849.00
Vintage Ella L Cone Sterling ELC Hand Made Large Brooch Arts & Crafts Silverman's Selected Antiques $165.00
Ox Blood Coral Silver Jugendstil (Arts & Crafts) Necklace Period Pieces $599.00
Blue Enamel Sterling Pendant – Arts & Crafts Era Period Pieces $399.00
Amethyst Sterling Leaf and Berry Brooch Period Pieces $149.00
Enamel Pendant – Double Sided Enamel – Arts & Crafts Period Pieces $375.00
Art Silver Shop Hammered Sterling & Pearl Brooch Chicago Hand Made Silverman's Selected Antiques $225.00
Unusual Suffragette Pendant – Enamel on Sterling Silver Period Pieces $399.00
Blue Chalcedony & Aventurine Bar Pin Period Pieces $269.00
Albino Manca Sterling Brooch Hand Wrought Arts Crafts Design Silverman's Selected Antiques $225.00
Vintage Albert Kahlbrandt Arts and Crafts Hammered Silver Pendant Silverman's Selected Antiques $395.00
Vintage Sterling Floral Hand Wrought Bracelet Arts & Crafts Kalo Style Silverman's Selected Antiques $195.00
BRANDT Chicago Arts and Crafts Acid Etched Brooch Bar Pin 1914-1923 Silverman's Selected Antiques $165.00
Celtic revival bar pin, Arts and Crafts, silver and moonstone Global Ceramics $80.00