All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Miniatures : Pre 1900 item #1361839 (stock #na137)
A beautifully painted miniature by Enrichetta Koelman, nee Narducci. Done in watercolor on organic material, it depicts a nice looking gentleman attired in a brown coat and black tie. It is carefully signed along the left edge "1850 Enrichetta Koelman f(ecit)". The painting is mounted in a 14k or 18k gold surround with a wide filigreed depth at the sides, a pin on the reverse, and a mother-of-pearl backing.

The condition is excellent, with no flaws...

All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Miniatures : Pre 1837 VR item #1361907 (stock #na133)
A strong watercolor miniature portrait on organic wafer done by Simon Jacques Rochard. The subject of the painting, a distinguished gentleman wearing a white vest, shirt, stock, and a black coat with The French Legion Of Honour medal. He is posed in front of a white column, with some foliage to the viewer's left.

Along the right side of the painting, Rochard has signed "Rochard Spa 1815". Clearly this was done at the same time he had been summoned there by royalty (see Note 3, below)...

All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Miniatures : Pre 1800 item #1362087 (stock #a1604)
An extremely fine watercolor and gouache on organic substrate miniature portrait done by Henry Benbridge, painted in his crisp, realistic style. The sitter is attired in a blue coat and a white ruffled shirt and collar, the fabrics of which are carefully and richly depicted, a characteristic of Benbridge's work. The surround to the painting is gold, while the original case, with a pin on the reverse, is gold filled.

Both the painting and the case are in excellent condition...

All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Miniatures : Pre 1800 item #1362400 (stock #na138)
A beautiful Samuel Cotes miniature painted in watercolor on organic wafer. The sitter was an officer in the First Royal Dragoons, first raised in 1661, making it one of the oldest cavalry regiments in British Army history. It served in many campaigns until 1969, when it was merged into The Blues and Royals.

The portrait is in a gold case which has been mounted on a 10K gold Victorian bracelet. The bracelet comes with its original blue silk lined leather case...

All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Miniatures : Pre 1800 item #1362870 (stock #a1612)
A beautiful watercolor on organic material attributed to the hand of William Grimaldi. The subject of this work of art is an older gentleman wearing a blue coat, yellow vest, and ruffled stock, and shown against a beclouded sky background. Housed in a gold filled case.

The condition of the miniature and its case is excellent, with no problems. The overall size is 3" by 2 3/8"...

All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Miniatures : Pre 1800 item #1362910 (stock #a1611)
A watercolor miniature of an older gentleman, expertly painted, and signed at the lower right "AG 1800", by Alexander Gallaway. The blue-eyed subject, posed against a blue sky with wispy clouds, is wearing a blue jacket with brass buttons, a white shirt and vest, and a stock tied in a bow. The glazed reverse of the gilt brass case has fine hairwork consisting of interwoven plaits.

The condition of the case and painting is excellent, with no flaws...

All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Miniatures : Pre 1800 item #1362913 (stock #na130)
A strong enamel on copper painting by William Prewett, depicting James Thomson. Thompson (1700 - 1748) was a Scottish poet and playwright, best known now for writing the lyrics to "Rule Britannia". The case is original, but engraved as follows several years after the death of the sitter: James Thomson/Poet/1700 - 1748.

The condition of the painting and the case is excellent. Overall size is 1 7/8" by 1 5/8".

BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE: According to Foskett: "William Prewett (or Prewitt) (fl...

All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Miniatures : Pre 1837 VR item #1363753 (stock #a1617)
A watercolor on natural wafer, painted by John Cox Dillman Engleheart. The sitter is a handsome gentleman dressed in a black jacket, white shirt, and gray tie. The glazing on the fron of the case has an eglomise border, with the glazed reverse of the case having opalescent glass on top of which is hairwork fastened with a pearl band and gold threads.

The condition of the painting is excellent, as is that of the case. The hairwork on the reverse has some disturbances...

All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Acrylic : Contemporary item #1365003 (stock #1845)
Sold. Thank you Mr & Mrs B for your art patronage and for helping the Andover Historical Society continue to make art and history possible! This latest small landscape painting titled "Vibrant View From The Addison" as seen across the street from The Addison Gallery of American Art Museum on the grounds of Phillips Academy can be viewed at the Andover Historical Society "Places" juried art show from 09/09/17 through 12/22/97...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Miniatures : Pre 1837 VR item #1365397 (stock #a1618)
A charming miniature portrait painted in watercolors on wafer. The sitter, with curly auburn hair and blue eyes, is simply attired in an off the shoulder sky blue gown, and is depicted in front of a cloud filled blue sky. Such a pose is often used to indicate that the work is a mourning piece...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Miniatures : Pre 1800 item #1365563 (stock #a1624)
A nicely executed portrait miniature of a well dressed gentleman, rendered in watercolor on natural wafer. Housed in a gold bracelet frame.

The painting and the case are in excellent condition, with no issues. The size is 1 3/4" by 1 1/4".

All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Pre 2000 item #1365960
啟功/草書七言律詩 水墨纸本立軸 款識:燈火長廊自一時,畫魂笛韻夜行遲。月波蕩漾流歌板,花氣迴環逼酒卮。人跡盡隨紅燭焰,客心常寄綠楊絲。 如今西壓橋邊路,添得鏗然杖一枝...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Watercolor : Pre 1950 item #1367691 (stock #1618)
A Fine Korean Orchid Scroll Painting by 靜齋, 吳一英 (1890-1960): Painted with orchids on rock in ink on paper, inscription on the upper left side, signed with his pen name and artist name, and two seal, 靜齋, 吳一英 on the lower right side It’s in fine condition, it measures 31.7cm x 101.5cm (12.25” x 40”).
All Items : Fine Art : Drawings : Charcoal : Pre 1930 item #1368646 (stock #22256)
Original charcoal sketch on paper by Jean Hippolyte Marchand (French, 1883-1940). Circa 1920. Stamped with the artist's atelier stamp "Atelier/Jean/Marchand" lower right. Bears a label from Pitt And Scott Ltd. verso. One of three works by this artist currently available.
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Watercolor : Pre 1970 item #1368954 (stock #1623)
Kim Ki-Chang: 김기창 [金基昶, (1913~2001): A Fine Three Girls “Teeter Totter” Playing with a Wood Panel Board: Korea, Framed. In a new year day, three girls playing “teeter totter” with a wood panel board, a girl holding a child on her back and watching at the play ground in front of Korean houses with wearing a Korean traditional new year costume cloth. It’s in very good condition with a silk mounting and frame, it measures 43cm x 34.5cm.
All Items : Fine Art : Prints : Lithographs : Pre 2000 item #1369467 (stock #Shinoda001)
Toko Shinoda (b. 1913)
Title: Autumnal
Size: Approximately 28.5 x 20.5 inches.
Date: 1990s-2000s.
Edition: 16/38.
Medium: Lithograph with brushstrokes.
Condition: A very slight difference in the tone of the white outside the image area. The print was once matted.
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Miniatures : Pre 1800 item #1369527 (stock #a1597)
A beautifully painted miniature on natural wafer of a very attractive woman. The sitter is in a white gown with lace edging, presented in a straightforward manner, unadorned with jewelry, preferring to let her natural beauty speak to the viewer.

There are no condition issues to speak of, with the darker area below her bust line intentionally painted in that manner. Housed in a red leather case without glazing, the size is 2 3/4" by 2 1/4".

BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE: Samuel Shelley (1750/56–1...

All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : N. America : American : Pre 1980 item #1369938 (stock #22289)
Original oil painting on panel by Ruth Duncan (American, Texas, 1908-2002). Signed l.r. Still bears the artist's card verso with the title of the painting: "Nets Drying at Aransas Pass". Circa 1960-1970. In excellent original condition. Ruth Duncan is a well listed Texas artist who was based in San Antonio and exhibited at the Smithsonian, and in Europe.