ABSTRACT t a t a m i $1,200.00
Original Oil on Canvas Landscape Farm Painting of Two Calves June Hastings $650.00
Persian Mughal School contemporary original painting Jon Berg Fine Art and More $295.00
British Artist Eva Wedlow “Peonies & Delphinium” Oil 24x20 L'Enfant Gallery $5,500.00
Antique Portraits of Women Manner of George Henry Harlow Antiquarian Art Co. $2,250.00
Russian Artist Lunovic dated 1910,Floral Still Life22x28” L'Enfant Gallery $6,500.00
Norman Macleish Masterwork Oil Portrait Of Marne” 16x20 L'Enfant Gallery $10,000.00
Triple Crown Winner “Secretariar” Artist Sidney King Oil 18x24 L'Enfant Gallery $1,500.00
A. H. Signed Original The Poppies” Framed Oil 14x18” dated 1970 L'Enfant Gallery $1,600.00
Sofia Vanya Khrustalyova Russian Artist Floral Still Life L'Enfant Gallery $4,600.00
French Artist Gustave A. Guillame Orientalist Pastel 42x30” L'Enfant Gallery $32,000.00
HARLEY PERKINS (1883-1964) American painting Boston artist Jon Berg Fine Art and More $600.00
TESS RAZALLE-CARTER (1888-1972) California impressionist painting Jon Berg Fine Art and More $495.00
ROGER ETIENNE (1922-2011) impressionist landscape oil painting Jon Berg Fine Art and More $235.00
Oil Portrait of President Abraham Lincoln circa 1909 , 34x29” L'Enfant Gallery $18,000.00