Peruvian Andes Cuzco fantasy watercolor painting signed Jon Berg Fine Art and More $195.00
G.D. ROLLANSON 1861-1928 British Artist “After The Hunt” 11x14” L'Enfant Gallery $4,500.00
Vintage watercolor painting by listed Japanese American artist vintage Jon Berg Fine Art and More $175.00
W. Stokes watercolor painting young lady Gibson girl style Dalia's Gallery $240.00
JAMES MARCH PHILLIPS 1913-1981 watercolor California Monterey cypress Jon Berg Fine Art and More $895.00
Three paintings by listed California artist TESS RAZALLE-CARTER Jon Berg Fine Art and More $85.00
Old Italian watercolor art signed street scene of Naples Jon Berg Fine Art and More $235.00
Artist C. St.Leger for Ross Perot Commission Set of Four Watercolors L'Enfant Gallery $1,500.00
Watercolor painting in Art Deco style nude woman Dalia's Gallery $450.00
FRIEDRICH FRANK (1871-1945) Austrian art watercolor painting Tirol Jon Berg Fine Art and More $1,100.00
Watercolor Landscape signed Perlman 26”x20” L'Enfant Gallery $1,200.00
Donald "Putt" Putman (1926 - 2007) watercolor painting Dalia's Gallery $550.00
SUSAN FRITH (1843-1924) early Bermuda art watercolor painting Jon Berg Fine Art and More $395.00
Francis Hopkinson Smith 1838-1915 Important American Master 21 x 32” L'Enfant Gallery $4,800.00
Beautiful Nineteenth Century Large Watercolor Lanscape 36x48” L'Enfant Gallery $2,400.00
Fernand Guinier 1906-1972 Monte Saint Michel 12x16” L'Enfant Gallery $2,600.00
Watercolor “Portrait of Queen Wilhelmina” Holland circa 1900 25x22” L'Enfant Gallery $3,600.00