ART NOUVEAU FISH PLATTER FOR RORSTRAND 20th Century Scandinavian Design $125.00
Japanese Kiri Wood Round Smoking Hibachi Set June Hastings $125.00
Katharine Jowett Woodblock Print - Coal Hill, Peking Era Woodblock Prints $375.00
Japanese Woodblock Print by "Tsuchiya Koitsu", "Hachimangu Shrine" Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $275.00
Fenton Forest Green Hobnail 5" Vase Two J's $35.00
UNIQUE VASE BY CARL-HARRY STALHANE FOR RORSTRAND 20th Century Scandinavian Design $625.00
Fine Hongshan nephrite Owl Pendant Toggle what pdx $4,500.00
Meissen Coffee /Dessert Service for 6 Judith Ravnitzky Inquire
Hongshan Period Nephrite Dragon Bi Ax pendant what pdx $695.00
Hongshan Period Eagle Nephrite pendant figure with heavy wear what pdx $695.00
Chinese Hongshan nephrite Bird pendant or toggle what pdx $445.00
Chinese Hongshan green nephrite Dragon "S" or Embryo Shape what pdx $695.00
Ancient Green Jade Pendant of a crouching figure Conically drilled what pdx $1,495.00
Modern Bamboo Flower Basket Hanakago, Morita Chikuyosai Dragon's Pearl $1,450.00
Bamboo Basket, Hanakago, by Toyokasu Hoichi Dragon's Pearl $480.00
Neolithic Hongshan Chicken Bone Jade Pig Dragon Zhulong Pendant what pdx $695.00
Hongshan Orange Nephrite Jade shield pendant with Characters what pdx $695.00
Chinese Hongshan Chicken Jade Bone Owl Pendant what pdx $695.00