Antique Instruments and Implements

Antique musical instruments, Culinary implements and more are available for purchase in this category group of useful objects including tools, timepieces, walking sticks, maritime and scientific instruments, and writing implements - pre-dating 1920. Emphasis is on collectible innovations and objects that have facilitated or improved life, pursuits, fashion and work.

Robert Bate Antique Brass Surveyors Transit with Box David Anthony $1,895.00
WALTHAM 14k GOLD BOX HINGED 3/O Size fancy HUNTING CASE 1886 Watch Company $700.00
Rare Early 20thC Merck Sharpe and Dohme Pharmacy Capsule Filler Stonegate Antiques $450.00
C1880 Antique 12 Tube Suppository Mold Pharmacy Apothecary Stonegate Antiques $85.00
C1920 3 Scarce Ointment Mill Tube Fillers Drug Store Pharmacy Tools Stonegate Antiques $225.00
FEDONIA WATCH Co. Jewelers PRIVATE LABEL G.L. McCoy, OTTAWA No. 2493 Watch Company $900.00
HAMILTON 16s Arabic DIAL Red 5 Min. Markers Marked in Script 1905 NOS Watch Company $67.00
HAMILTON 16 Size Open Face Porcelain Arabic DIAL Factory New unused Watch Company $57.00
HAMILTON 16 Size Open Face Porcelain Arabic DIAL Factory New unused Watch Company $57.00
ROCKFORD GRADE 87 TWO-TONE 18 Size L/P Adjusted Nickel Glass Back 1891 Watch Company $650.00
FREDONIA W. Co. Fredonia, N.Y. 24 Hr, CPR RAILROAD DIAL Serial No. 98 Watch Company $2,000.00
COLUMBUS WATCH Co. Dueber Gold Filled Fancy Hunting Case 6 size 1887 Watch Company $350.00
J.P. STEVENS & BRO. ATLANTA, GA. 1884 No. 56,012 Adjusted Model Watch Company $850.00
19th Century Aneroid Carved Oak Case Barometer Orwellianantiques $375.00
Antique Iron Tool or Weapon Orwellianantiques $975.00
J.P. STEVENS, Atlanta, Ga. Nickel High Grade #49,220 15j SILVER 1884 Watch Company $1,200.00
AMERICAN WATCH Co P.S. Bartlett 10 Size 18k original Hunting Case:1861 Watch Company $3,800.00