European Gothic 17 cm. tall bronze mortar with lions, ca. 1500-1550! Senatus Consulto $1,350.00
HAMPDEN 18s RAILWAIY SPECIAL PORCELAIN RR Porcelain Dial NOS Watch Company $58.00
Massive European Gothic renaissance bronze mortar, ca. 1550-1580 Senatus Consulto $1,250.00
J.P. Stevens & Bro. Atlanta, Ga. 15j NICKEL, Serial No. #142,426 1884 Watch Company $850.00
AMERICAN W.Co.14k GOLD 16 Size Hunting Model 1879 FIRE COMMINISSIONER Watch Company $3,500.00
ELGIN 14k GOLD BOX HINGED HUNTING CASE 6 Size : C: 1881 Watch Company $2,500.00
FREDONIA WATCH CO. Fredonia, N.Y. MARK TWAIN C:1882 Watch Company $3,000.00
MELROSE WATCH Co. BOSTON, Mass. 4oz. Coin Silver HC C: 1866 Watch Company $1,150.00
TRENTON W.Co. 18 Size 7 Jewels 4th Model Serial No. 786,611. C:1904 Watch Company $400.00
ROCKFORD W.Co. 3/4 Plate Gilt, 7j, Key Wind Low No. 114,170 C:1880 Watch Company $400.00
Independent W. Co. Fredonia, N.Y. Ill. KW/SW Conversion 4oz. Coin 1881 Watch Company $1,150.00
19th C English Lignum Vitae Wood Treenware String Holder June Hastings $385.00
Sterling silver ink stand London 1895 China Rose Antiques A$2,500.00
Scarce Hickory Shaft Golf Club with Smooth Face C1920 Wright Ditson Stonegate Antiques $75.00
4 Antique Golf Clubs Hickory shaft Wood Heads England One Early C1900 Stonegate Antiques $140.00
2 Vintage 1920 1930s Golf Club Putters Flanged Brass and UK Stonegate Antiques $55.00
3 Hickory Golf Clubs T Stewart Williams Forged 1910 Scotland Stonegate Antiques $145.00
3 Golf Clubs Hickory Forged Nicolls Scotland Hillerick Schmidt 1920s Stonegate Antiques $95.00
Late Georgian sewing reel holder with drawer China Rose Antiques A$550.00
3 Vintage Piccadilly Hickory Golf Clubs Brassie Mid Iron Putter 1920 Stonegate Antiques $60.00
C1900 Scarce R Forgan Mashie Golf Club Scotland St Andrews Stonegate Antiques $125.00
3 Hickory Golf Clubs Forged Mid Iron Sarazen Kroydon Hollywood 1920 Stonegate Antiques $100.00
3 Wright Ditson Golf Clubs Hickory Smooth Face Clubs ST ANDREWS RARE Stonegate Antiques $175.00
3 UK Golf Clubs Sunningdale Hickory Driver Mashie Niblic Putter 1920 Stonegate Antiques $105.00
Sampson Mordan silver propelling pencil China Rose Antiques A$200.00
English porcelain boat shaped inkstand China Rose Antiques A$195.00
Brass and marble ink stand China Rose Antiques A$395.00
Straw work needlecase China Rose Antiques A$140.00
Brass novelty tape measure in the form of a Victorian bathing box China Rose Antiques A$165.00
Worcester hand painted porcelain thimble c 1880's China Rose Antiques A$120.00
Souvenir reverse painted pin cushion Kings College Cambridge China Rose Antiques A$220.00
Revolving cotton reel holder in the shape of a table China Rose Antiques A$275.00
Revolving cotton reel holder in the shape of a table China Rose Antiques A$275.00
Large wooden paper knife with violin scroll end China Rose Antiques A$660.00
19thC Hanging Apothecary Show Globe Whitall Tatum New Jersey Stonegate Antiques $450.00
Massive early apothecary brass mortar, Northern Europe, dated 1734! Senatus Consulto $295.00